Sihtasutus Terve Eesti (Health Estonia Foundation) in partnership with five civil society organisations will carry out a large scale media campaign to reduce alcohol-related harm in 2014 -2014 in Estonia, aiming to decrease risk behaviour, improve public health and promote healthy lifestyle.

Among the collaborators are four of the largest youth organisations in Estonia - Estonian Boy Scouts Union, Estonian Debating Society, Estonian Medical Student Association as well as Tartu-based hub for promoting academic and social innovation called Domus Dorpatensis. The fifth partner is an NGO with long term expertise in parenting training and counselling - Sinamina Perekeskus. 

The project is divided into three by the target group – the general public (message “Let’s drink less by half!”), youth aged 11-18 (message “Alcohol and smoking is out!”), and parents (message “Addictive substances and child development”). The shared purpose of all activities is to influence Estonian social norms in relation to alcohol consumption by gradually decreasing tolerance towards 1) drunkenness, and 2) alcohol and tobacco consumption by minors.

The wider objective of the project is to build and grow a social movement that influences unwritten and written rules of alcohol consumption in people’s immediate circles, organizations and local communities also in the future. Change in the normative environment might change the society’s attitude towards alcohol policy in the future and, in case of success, decrease alcohol consumption and resulting damages (mental health issues, mortality, crime).